The Science Behind Last Shot® Ultimate Hydration Drinks

Why Last Shot® Works!

Last Shot ® Premium Hydration Drinks were formulated by health-conscious, passionate individuals on a mission to help you properly hydrate, replenish and recover with healthy ingredients that restore the body and taste amazing!

  • Glucorate helps remove toxins in the liver. This allows the body to detox more efficiently and may help cell damage and dehydration. Naturally found in fruits and vegetables, it is coupled with a number of other ingredients, but not limited to Vitamin B12 and electrolytes to aid in recovery and hydration during intense workouts and long, on-the-go days.
  • Milk Thistle contains an active ingredient called Silymarin which is both an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. Milk Thistle helps to combat free-radicals produced when your body breaks down. Boost your body's repairing process with Last Shot ®. 
  • Caffeine is used to promote sustainability and stimulate mental clarity and wakefulness while energizing the body.