Every game-changing product is a solution to a problem. Ours was simple: Time was of the essence; but not only did we desire to maximize time, we wanted to enhance it as well. Busy moms who have mastered the art of multitasking, ambitious entrepreneurs burning the midnight oil, athletes and entertainers pushing it to the limit to show up for those who love and admire them all had three things in common. Those three things can be summed up in three words. Time, Opportunity, and Possibility.

We all long to have more time to do what we love. We are all using our time to create more opportunities. Every opportunity that we seize is in hopes that it could be the one moment in time that makes all of our dreams come true; that we could one day live in the possibility of what we’ve hoped for and worked for…and we shouldn’t have to compromise our health in pursuit of a better quality of life.

While most energy drinks on the shelves were jam packed with the energy that go-getters, winners & game changers craved, the effects were both short term and detrimental. We believed that it was possible to consume a beverage that was delicious, free of a bunch of ingredients that we can’t spell or pronounce and wouldn’t leave you burned out and bummed.

We know how valuable time is, we believe our consumers should spend it being the loudest cheerleader at their kids soccer game, pitching and closing big deals in the boardroom and scoring points to make the crowd go wild. These are the moments that make life count.

Last Shot is the first product you think of to maximize your time through clean consumption; But, it’s the last thing you have to worry about when checking nutrition labels.

We believe in a world filled with opportunities. Last Shot Gives you More Chances to Win.