Drive To Live Healthier Starts With Sugar

When it comes to the beverage market there are a lot of really great opportunities, a lot of challenges as well as fierce competition. In the past, the carbonated beverage industry had been growing by leaps and bounds, but most recently there has been slow growth in the industry due to the growing attention to the negative health benefits of sugar. As stated in the Beverage Playbook - 2019 will be a huge year for beverages mainly because of the drive to live a healthier lifestyle. Studies have shown the average consumer is now shifting their focus on overall health and wellness which starts with cutting sugar!

THE CONSUMER HEALTH TREND - Drinks with Benefits

The driving trend of health and wellness in the US is a priority with consumers today, which presents a challenge for some beverages. It also presents great opportunities for brands like Last Shot® that highly appeal to all age groups.
  • Sugar Reductions
  • Functional Attributes such as protein and/or caffeine
  • Gut Friendly
  • Super Hydration
  • Added Fiber
  • Probiotics
  • Memory Enhancers

Why Last Shot®
This is great news for Last Shot® and other brands that have always concentrated on excellent health-conscious formulas. Hydration is key to the Last Shot® brand, while also replenishing the good nutrients in the body, zero sugars, low carbs and low levels of caffeine to aid in a healthy boost of energy. In the morning, when your body struggles to find energy, Last Shot® gives you the boost you need to perform at that key meeting, long hours on the road, have that intense workout, or detoxify from the night before. The 2-PM slump is non-existent because Last Shot’s refreshing flavors blend seamlessly with B-6, B-12, and other natural ingredients to provide a refreshing taste. We understand finding a beverage that tastes great and is diabetic friendly can be hard. Market shifts and trends will always occur, but our goals, as a brand, will always be to make sure our consumers are getting the best ingredients with great flavor.



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